Why maisonette is a great choice?

The term maisonette literally means small house. Normally, located above another premise, its number 1 characteristic is the independence that it brings. Usually spacious and big, maisonette comes with a private garden and/or a garage.

Privacy and freedom

What distinguishes a maisonette from a flat is basically the fact of having a nonshared entrance, granting privacy and lack of disturbance. You will be the boss of your own little property (as long as you don’t invade other people’s quietness)



Open for creativity

Little house but with big room for letting your brain go wild with decorations and home accessories; the maisonette comprises of an open space/living room/kitchen on the lower floor and bed-bathrooms on the upper floors. Will you go for a contrast modern/vintage? Or a uniform design?



Outdoor area

Front/back-yard or terrace… Imagine yourself reading a book, take a break, gazing on the mesmerizing scenery of Malta. Fantastic right? Think about romantic dinner under the stars, parties and BBQs with friends… or your children happily playing while the sun is up, the fresh breath created by the plant you nurture every day. Beautiful!



Still have doubts about maisonette? 😊